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Rotator Wrecker

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Rotator wrecker towing services are an essential service that caters to the needs of vehicles that are larger or heavier than regular cars. Not every towing company possesses this equipment; even fewer have rotator wreckers. So, what are rotator wreckers, and how do they work?

The rotator wrecker, also known as a rotator tow truck, is a type of wrecker that is more powerful and versatile than a regular tow truck. The rotator wrecker has a rotating boom that can move in multiple directions, a hydraulic winch, and a flatbed that can safely and securely transport the vehicle.

One of the main benefits of a rotator wrecker is that it can handle larger loads, including semi-trucks, fire trucks, construction equipment, and buses. The rotator wrecker can lift heavy vehicles thanks to its powerful winch and hoist system, which can be operated remotely from the truck cabin.

Another advantage of rotator wreckers is their versatility. The rotator wrecker boom can rotate 360 degrees and has multiple extension options, making it a suitable tool for various situations. For example, if a vehicle is stuck in soft soil or mud, the rotator wrecker can extend its boom and winch to pull the vehicle out safely.

Rotator wreckers aren't just limited to heavy-duty vehicles either. Suppose a regular car is stuck in an inaccessible location, such as down a steep embankment or in a tight alleyway. In that case, the rotator wrecker can manipulate its boom to reach the vehicle and safely transport it away.

The safety of the vehicle and the driver is an essential consideration, and rotator wrecker towing services provide reliable and secure transportation. The flatbed of the rotator wrecker is larger than a regular tow truck, and it can support the weight of a larger vehicle while maintaining stability. The hydraulic winch can safely guide the vehicle onto the flatbed, preventing any damage to its tires, bumper, or suspension.

In conclusion, rotator wreckers are an indispensable asset to any vehicle owner or company that operates heavy-duty vehicles. Their range of equipment can handle multiple situations and offer versatility, and the safety of the vehicle and driver is always a top priority. When choosing a towing service, it's crucial to ensure they have rotator wrecker equipment and trained professionals to operate it, providing reliable and efficient service.

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