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Light towing services play a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of transportation and offering assistance to motorists in times of need. These specialized services cater to the safe and efficient transportation of vehicles that fall within the lighter weight categories, typically weighing less than 10,000 pounds. This category encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, including passenger cars, motorcycles, and small trucks, making light towing an indispensable solution for various scenarios. Roadrunner Towing is the primary provider of these services. They maintain a fleet of specialized tow trucks, each equipped to handle different types of vehicles and various roadside situations. These vehicles are equipped with a wide array of tools and equipment to ensure the secure l transport of the vehicles.

a black tow truck with a white car being towed on the back.  This is shwocasing the light duty towing service in san antonio



Medium towing, which encompasses the transport of vehicles within a defined weight range, typically falls between 10,001 kilograms and 26,000 kilograms, equivalent to 22,046 pounds to 57,320 pounds. This towing category bridges the gap between lighter vehicles suitable for light towing and the heavyweight demands of heavy-duty or commercial towing services. When it comes to medium towing services, specialized expertise is crucial. Towing companies and roadside assistance providers are equipped with vehicles and equipment tailored to the unique demands of safely and efficiently transporting these mid-sized vehicles. They ensure that your vehicle, falling within this weight bracket, receives the professional care it requires during transport.

Medium Duty Towing Service from Roadrunner Towing



Heavy-duty towing is a critical aspect of the towing and transportation industry, specializing in the movement of large and exceptionally heavy vehicles or equipment that surpass the weight limits manageable by standard tow trucks. It involves the utilization of heavy-duty tow trucks and highly skilled operators equipped with the specialized tools and expertise needed to tackle the unique challenges presented by these formidable loads. In the world of heavy-duty towing, the term "heavy" encompasses a wide range of vehicles and equipment. This includes but is not limited to large commercial trucks, construction machinery, buses, RVs, and even oversized loads such as shipping containers and industrial equipment. The sheer size and weight  requirethe services of professionals well-versed in heavy-duty towing.

Heavy Duty Towing Service From Roadrunner Towing



The rotator wrecker, often referred to simply as a "rotator," is a remarkable piece of heavy-duty towing equipment distinguished by its crane-like boom. This imposing vehicle represents the pinnacle of towing technology, designed to handle some of the most challenging recovery and towing tasks. Its size and capabilities make it a critical asset in dealing with accidents and incidents involving extremely heavy vehicles, including large trucks and tractor-trailers. The most striking feature of a rotator wrecker is its powerful, extendable boom, which resembles a crane arm. This boom is equipped with a rotator, which allows it to rotate 360 degrees, giving it exceptional reach and flexibility. This means that it can maneuver into tight spaces or reach over obstacles, making it indispensable in complex recovery operations.

Rotator Towing Service From Roadrunner Towing



ntroducing Roadrunner Towing Service, a trusted and dependable partner serving Schertz, Texas, and the surrounding Tri-County area for over two decades, spanning a remarkable 21 years of unwavering commitment. Our expertise lies in providing an array of top-notch towing and recovery solutions, encompassing a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from rotator towing, light towing, and medium towing to heavy-duty towing. We take pride in declaring that no vehicle is too modest or imposing; we are fully equipped to handle them all, from compact Fiats to hefty Freightliners.

The Roadrunner Towing team is a well-seasoned and knowledgeable force in the towing and recovery industry. We bring forth a legacy of professionalism that is punctual, efficient, and cost-effective. Our services are structured to cater to a diverse clientele, whether you find yourself stranded just around the corner, across town, or even journeying out of town. Wherever your travels may take you, rest assured that our comprehensive towing assistance is readily available to come to your aid.

In our commitment to delivering an unrivaled customer experience, we acknowledge the paramount importance of swift and effective service. Beyond towing, our comprehensive offerings extend to specialized roadside assistance, such as tire changes, jump starts, and lockout services, designed to cater to the diverse needs of most vehicles on the road. This holistic approach ensures that when an unfortunate event strikes, you can rely on Roadrunner Towing Service to address all your towing and vehicular assistance requirements with utmost professionalism and care.


Light Towing Light towing services refer to the transportation of cars & trucks, typically weighing less than 10k (such as passenger cars, motorcycles, or small trucks). These services are provided by towing companies or roadside assistance providers to help individuals whose vehicles have broken down, are immobilized, or need to be relocated due to various reasons.


Medium Towing: Medium towing refers to the transportation of vehicles that fall within the specific weight range, 10001k to 26000k heavier than those classified as light towing but lighter than heavy-duty or commercial towing. Medium towing services are provided by towing companies or roadside assistance providers equipped with the necessary vehicles and equipment to safely and effectively transport these vehicles.


Heavy-duty towing refers to the transportation of large, heavy vehicles or equipment that exceed the weight capacity of standard tow trucks or require specialized towing equipment. This type of towing requires heavy-duty tow trucks and experienced operators with the knowledge and equipment to handle the unique challenges associated with moving heavy loads.


The rotator wrecker is equipped crane-like boom. Since the rotator wrecker is one of the heaviest and the largest of all wreckers, it is commonly used in accidents that involve heavy vehicles such as large trucks and tractor trailers.


Click on the SDMO page to see how the SLOW DOWN MOVE OVER initiative started. All first responders including tow truck companies from all around TEXAS came together as one to send a message to the world.


     A local news station  joined and filmed the event so that more can take note of these brave men and women who put their lives in our hands every day. Men and women got together that rainy day and shared stories in support to each others choice in profession. Sadly, from that group of courageous men and women, statistically speaking, some will lose their lives due to careless drivers.


     The time that Geoff took from his personal time to organize this collaboration of first responders is and will forever be respected. This is the first time in TEXAS history that something of this magnitude took place. We can tell you one thing though, even if this saved one life, it was all worth it. 

     So next time you see first responder on the roads, SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER. We thank all the first responders and Geoff that made this dream a reality. 

Picture of the Roadrunner Team as they conduct the Rotoator Towing service.


Photo of Rotator Wrecker


Light Duty towing vehicle with flashing lights in the background.


Positive all around experience getting my truck and trailer towed to a shop….they showed up fast and price was very reasonable….I even asked the driver if he could run me through the fuel island so I could fuel my reefer and save my load, he had no problem with that. Friendly driver and dispatch service

Denisse Vargas

This is the chick fil a of tow service. I called for help with a tire change and they arrived within 10 min. Excellent customer service, efficient, reliable, and kind.
Thank you so much!!

Roger M Pupo

Very good service, driver got my semi truck out that mud in no time and very professional and polite. Definitely recommend these guys! Price was really fair, too.

Patricia Evans

Roadrunner & Aaron are awesome! They helped my daughter who broke down in the drive through at a busy Starbucks! Aaron was super professional with a quick response time! Will definitely use again if needed!

Andrew Kershner

Very prompt and honest always deal with Hedi she is awesome and the drivers always are in a good mood and willing to help!

Ronnie Schuetz

after waiting hours for aaa to show up and eta kept going up two more hours out, made the call to you guys and about 40 minutes later it’s done, hooked, towed and everything. driver (Edward) was more than helpful, professional and courteous. good people are hard to come by these days. safe travels to you guys.

Rick Bailes

Needed a tow for my truck to get it worked on and these guys were super easy to deal with. Picked it up when it was convenient for me and it was a very reasonable price also. Will definitely use these guys again.

Paul Castro

I have never dealt with a more kind and professional tow truck company. Diana came out and helped remove a door that had flew off an 18 wheeler and got wedged under my car. I hope nothing like that ever happens to me while traveling on the highway again,, but I 100% recommend roadrunner if you are ever in the same situation.

Gerald Coker

On time, very courteous drivers, took very good care of my vehicle. A very good ran business. If your ever in a situation where you might need your vehicle towed I would definitely recommend Roadrunner Towing..

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