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Roadrunner Towing Car Auction

On Friday August 21st 2020 Roadrunner Towing Service will be hosting a public car auction. The auction hosts a numerous amount of high quality cars. You can select from a large variety of all kinds of brands like Ford , Chevy ,Chevrolet , even Bmw but the main prize is the 73 Service truck . Now we've gotten a lot of questions revolving around how the auction actually works. So we are going to answer the more frequently asked questions we've gotten about the auction. One many of you are probably asking is “how long after paying do i get the car” this depends on the car's place in line if it's in the front you get it immediately if not it wont take more than a few hours regardless of its position.  Another good question is “ what happens if i buy the car and it doesn't work” if the car doesn't work correctly there are no refunds the car is yours once you buy it. “What's the price to transport a car if needed” the average cost is around 75 dollars but we only transport in the San Antonio area. “Can i put insurance on the car” the simple answer is yes. “ what's the status of the title” you will receive all the paperwork when you buy the car to go to the DMV and get the title.


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