This vision that became reality came to life as a result of Geoff Nienstedt.  So many first responders across this great Nation are being killed each week due to the negligence of every day drivers not paying attention. Geoff said " this is enough, and if nobody is going to do anything about this, I will."


     With the support of his family, employees and several different first responders in the area, his vision became a reality. If all these efforts makes just  one person slow down and move over when they see someone on the side of the road, then his efforts were well worth it.


     We sometimes take life for granted just like we do with the services or all first responders. These brave men and women get up every day and kiss their loved ones goodbye just as we all do. It wouldn't surprise me to think that hopes are that they don't become a statistic also cross their mind as they hug their newborn or kiss their loved one goodbye. Let's do our part and do exactly what saves lives:   " SLOW DOWN MOVE OVER"